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UNIS Group sticks to current pricing policy despite shortages and price increases. 

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Stocktaking and evaluation

Stocktaking and evaluation

If you know the condition of your installed systems, you avoid surprises and reduce risks. UNIS Group offers you peace of mind with our stocktaking and evaluation service. 

We carry out an extensive inventory of the installed electronics on site, and we make it clear in a detailed report which electronics may possibly represent a risk. We evaluate the future demand for components, their availability, what spare parts you have in stock and which electronics we can fix for you.

You can then respond actively and in a goal-oriented way. With maintenance planning, you ensure the preventive replacement of time-sensitive parts, thus reducing the downtime risk for your machines. You can also make educated choices about future repairs, overhauls, purchase and migration of installed electronics.

Inventory, risk analysis and management of critical spare parts with Critical Stock Management

With our service Critical Stock Management we help you understand your installed electronics, optimise the availability of spare parts and reduce the risks of your installations. A three-in-one service that combines stocktaking, risk analysis and management of critical spare parts through our spare stock agreement.


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