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UNIS Group sticks to current pricing policy despite shortages and price increases. 

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Critical Stock Management

3-in-1 Critical Stock Management  

Do you have a complete overview of all the electronics in your systems? On paper? Or is this valuable knowledge mostly in the minds of a handful of experienced colleagues? Or in the service systems of various manufacturers? What if this information is not available at a critical moment? Or what if spare parts are installed during a breakdown, but they turn out to be faulty? 

All the while the production line is at a standstill and valuable time is ticking away......

It's time to mitigate the risks and manage your electronics inventory cost-effectively - with advanced insight.  

Reduce unexpected downtime in just three easy steps 

Our 3-in-1 service Critical Stock Management gives you insight into your installations and optimises spare parts availability. This reduces the risk of downtime for your systems. 


Step 1. A reliable overview of all your electronics 

We conduct a comprehensive inventory on site. To that inventory we add important details. For example, we evaluate the future demand for parts, their global availability and we check what spare parts you have in stock yourself. 

What do you get from us? 
A comprehensive, brand-independent overview of your installed electronics with useful information for purchasing and maintenance.  

You can also have this electronics stock-taking carried out by us as a separate service

View the service here >> 

Step 2. Real-time availability of electronics worldwide in one dashboard 

With our unique software you foresee the risk factors of your installed electronics. On the online dashboard you see your installed electronics and your stock at a glance. You can also directly see where the bottlenecks are: 

  • What is the lifetime of a module? 
  • What is the global availability, price and delivery time of crucial parts? 
  • What spare parts do you have in stock yourself? Are backups of software and parameters perhaps missing? 
  • Which electronics can UNIS Group repair for you if needed? 
  • The application also provides you with push information on changes in availability, price and delivery times. 

What do you get from us?
An online dashboard where you can check the availability and bottlenecks of your installed electronics at a single glance. Which electronics are difficult to obtain? What are the potential risks? All electronics data from each manufacturer, real-time in one overview. Including backups of software, parameters and programs.  

More information about this software application can be found here >> 

Step 3. Your critical spare parts as external stock, managed and maintained by us 

You are aware of which parts are crucial and what the risks are. To avoid downtime as much as possible, you need well-functioning spare parts. But you lack the time to properly maintain the spare stock. That is why we are happy to stock these critical electronics for you.  

The parts are tested and energised annually, we ensure that batteries are replaced in a timely manner. This way we can be sure that parts work and no programs are lost.  

What do you get from us?
We establish a spare stock agreement, tailored entirely to your electronics. We keep critical spare parts in perfect condition in stock for you and ensure that they are shipped directly to you as soon as they are needed. In this way you ensure that your machines are operational again with minimum delay and you reduce the risk of long-term downtime. 

We can also offer the spare stock agreement as a separate service based on an overview of your electronics.  

Read more about this service here >> 


Please contact us at int@unisgroup.com or +31 566 62 44 62 and we are happy to discuss the possibilities. Would you prefer us to contact you? Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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