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UNIS Group sticks to current pricing policy despite shortages and price increases. 

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Our specialist services

UNIS Group aims to promote continuity of industrial production processes. We offer specialist services to monitor the condition and risks of your systems and provide insight into the stock and availability of spare parts for your installed electronic modules. By taking care of repairs, we reduce downtime of production processes in the most sustainable way possible. We have thus become one of the largest service providers in the field of industrial electronics.

  • Sales

    Our extensive inventory ensures your machines will be operational again with minimum delay. We have over 150,000 modules in stock, including new, used and end-of-life components.

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  • Process automation
    Process automation

    Automating your control process, a growing need for reliable (production) data, stricter quality or environmental requirements or an outdated production line? Whatever the reason, we support you in automating and updating your industrial processes and machines. From designing specific control software, to guiding a comprehensive migration journey.

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  • Laboratory automation
    Laboratory automation

    Juggling between different projects, a limited budget and the pressure to achieve results can cause a lot of problems within a laboratory. Automating your laboratory prevents unnecessary stress in the workplace, while improving the overall efficiency of your processes.

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  • Building automation
    Building automation

    Our Building automation service includes all electronic building automation controls. This includes Comfort and Fire and Security automation systems. Examples include Honeywell’s electronic controls of climate systems (HVAC), which are present in hospitals, hotels and airports around the world.

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  • Stocktaking and evaluation
    Stocktaking and evaluation

    If you know the condition of your installed systems, you avoid surprises and reduce risks. UNIS Group offers you peace of mind with our stocktaking and evaluation service. 

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  • Risk analysis and spare part management
    Risk analysis and spare part management

    When a production process is stopped, a lot of time is often lost, which can be exceptionally costly. It can take days, sometimes weeks before the cause of a malfunction has been found, replacement electronics are on site and the installation becomes operational again. Our unique software application allows you to reduce the downtime of installed electronics and the associated costs.

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  • Critical Stock Management
    Critical Stock Management

    Do you have a complete overview of all the electronics in your systems? On paper? Or is this valuable knowledge mostly in the minds of a handful of experienced colleagues? Or in the service systems of various manufacturers? What if this information is not available at a critical moment? Or what if spare parts are installed during a breakdown, but they turn out to be faulty? 

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  • Internet of Things
    Internet of Things

    Internet of Things (IoT), in our industry also known as Industry 4.0, interconnects your industrial systems and devices through online services. Often, your industrial systems and sensors are already suitable to be read remotely. By linking this to an IoT platform, you will see the condition of your machines in real time on your computer or mobile device. For example, you can take immediate action in the event of a failure or defect in your electronic equipment.

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  • On-site service
    On-site service

    Are you dealing with a malfunction or defect, perhaps without any obvious cause? Or do you want to know the condition of your electronics? Depending on your specific question, we will provide you with customized service on site. We will visit you as soon as possible. With our on-site service, we will determine the condition of your electronic systems on site, and give you insight into the cause of malfunctions and defects.

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    A running production process does not mean your industrial network is in good condition. For example, do you experience occasional breakdowns, or is the communication in your network not working as it should? These may be signs of an impending production stoppage. Downtime can cost you a lot in time and money. UNIS Group offers you the solution. With our all-in-one on-site service, we help keeping your production process running. We prepare you for the future and offer a total solution to reduce downtime.

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    A PROFINET network is complex and can connect thousands of devices in your industrial installation. The exact communication of the network ensures your production process can run very efficiently, or increase your uptime. Whatever your goals, a PROFINET network that is in a good condition, is essential for successful business operations and saves you time and money. UNIS Group supports you in this. We perform on-site PROFINET diagnostics to chart, measure and optimize your network, so you can get the best results.

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  • Free collection service
    Free collection service

    We will provide you with a quotation and pick up your defective electronics. After your approval, we will repair the item for you.

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  • R&D solutions
    R&D solutions

    Our Research and Development department will assist you in finding solutions to a wide range of industrial questions and problems. From redesigning existing electronics and searching for compatible alternatives, to the development of test setups to test custom-made modules, this service is focused entirely on solving your specific challenges.

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  • Recycling

    Today, we all agree that our future has to be circular. At UNIS Group we have known this for quite some time and as a result our core services are durable and circular. Since 1984 we have ensured that customers worldwide can continue using their existing systems for extended periods, so that they are not forced to invest in new systems. UNIS Group offers a sustainable repair service to extend the life of your industrial equipment. If components are no longer available, we enter into consultation with the customer, looking for compatible alternatives.

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  • Purchase

    UNIS Group is always interested in the acquisition of industrial electronics. We support our customers with solutions to reduce downtime, for example by supplying (refurbished) parts from stock. To keep that stock up to date, we purchase new, defective or end-of-life electronics on a daily basis. Thanks to our stock, we are able to help you and other companies quickly during downtime.

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  • Repair

    UNIS Group repairs worldwide. A repair takes place at the headquarters in the Netherlands and at our repair departments in Poland, China, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Professional engineers repair at component level, supported by advanced measure and test equipment. UNIS Group is specialised in the repair of end-of-life as well as new electronics. Read more about the repair process.

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  • Maintenance

    Make sure your production processes proceed problem-free at all times and opt for our professional maintenance services, which include: cleaning, testing and preventive maintenance.

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  • Emergency service
    Emergency service

    Making sure your production processes proceed problem-free is very important to us, even if your industrial electronics fail after working hours. When a component causes downtime and must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible, UNIS Group offers an emergency service with fast turnaround times.

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