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What is a drive?

A drive, also called a frequency converter or frequency drive, is used to control the speed of an electric motor. You can regulate the axle revolutions (the speed) of a motor using a frequency drive. When you increase the frequency, the axis (rotor) of the motor will run faster. Conversely, if you lower the frequency, the axis (rotor) of the motor will spin slower. UNIS Group specializes in repairing frequency drives, servo drives and softstarters.

What is a drive used for?

A frequency drive is now used in many industrial sectors. The drive is for instance used in controlling the speed of conveyor belts and fans, in hoisting and in pumps, as well as in the processing of various materials such as wood and metal, where variable speed is important. It is possible to vary this speed using a drive.

Advantages of a drive

A drive has many advantages. A drive allows for:

  • energy saving;
  • constant voltage and frequency;
  • protection of the motor;
  • less mechanical stress on the installation;
  • improving productivity and quality.

Drive repairs

UNIS Group has many years’ experience in industrial electronics repairs, including the repair of frequency drives. e repair both old and new models. With more than 300 specially designed test setups, we are able to test a huge range of electronics of different types and brands, such as Siemens, ABB and Danfoss. You will get up to 2 years warranty on the repair of frequency drives up to 110 kW.