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A PROFINET network is complex and can connect thousands of devices in your industrial installation. The exact communication of the network ensures your production process can run very efficiently, or increase your uptime. Whatever your goals, a PROFINET network that is in a good condition, is essential for successful business operations and saves you time and money. UNIS Group supports you in this. We perform on-site PROFINET diagnostics to chart, measure and optimize your network, so you can get the best results.

PROFINET Diagnostics

We have several tools to analyse the condition of your PROFINET IO RT/IRT networks and communication. Our technician collects essential information about the health of your PROFINET network. Based on this data, a diagnostic report is drawn up, which highlights any problems in the network. The tool supports analysis through SNMP Requests, (active diagnostics), analysis via the mirror port of a switch and analysis via the TAP adapter (passive diagnostics).

PROFINET network analysis content

Using a free PROFINET port, a UNIS Group technician collects the following information:

  • A list of PROFINET stations: all PROFINET stations on the network, including names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, subnet masks, types. You can rewrite the name and IP address of each IO device.
  • A list of non-PROFINET stations on the network, including IP addresses, MAC addresses, and manufacturer’s names.
  • Network topology: a list of all PROFINET stations on the network and adjacent stations (stations must support the LLDP), a graphic layout with connected stations for each station, plus a general graphic layout of the PROFINET topology.
  • Errors and bus communication: communication statistics for each station on the network (i.e. the number of packages for both ports, the number of damaged packages for both ports, uptime for a particular station). In/out of data traffic for each port (Mbps) including colour warning when traffic exceeds 1 Mbps.
  • Inspection of a given device: an online check on a particular device including data traffic on both ports (IN/OUT) and the number of IN/OUT packages.
  • HW & SW information: a list of PROFINET drives, plus information such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, lock/sublock status, manufacturer product IDs, serial numbers and FW/HW versions.


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