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UNIS Group sticks to current pricing policy despite shortages and price increases. 

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R&D solutions

R&D solutions

Our Research and Development department will assist you in finding solutions to a wide range of industrial questions and problems. From redesigning existing electronics and searching for compatible alternatives, to the development of test setups to test custom-made modules, this service is focused entirely on solving your specific challenges.

Redesign of existing electronics

UNIS Group will assist you in looking at the problems in your control electronics. For example, are the components in your electronics undersized (is the components’ load not in line with your modules’ capacity)? Then we will look for suitable alternatives for you, and we will ensure your electronics last longer. By adjusting or redesigning the electronics, your machine remains operational and you will not be forced to invest in a completely new system.

Developing specific test systems

We will build test setups on request. This allows us to extensively test your specific repairs in our R&D department. In addition, it can happen that connection data and/or software controls are unknown. We can also develop test setups for this, so we can test the module.


Please contact us at int@unisgroup.com or +31 566 62 44 62 and we are happy to discuss the possibilities. Would you prefer us to contact you? Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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