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Process automation

Industrial process automation

Automating your control process, a growing need for reliable (production) data, stricter quality or environmental requirements or an outdated production line? Whatever the reason, we support you in automating and updating your industrial processes and machines. From designing specific control software, to guiding a comprehensive migration journey.

Customisation in complex automation processes

Automation processes in the production and process industry are increasingly complex. The desire to improve (production) processes requires great flexibility and customisation of your partner in software engineering. The mechanical optimisation of a (production) process requires thorough knowledge of hardware and associated systems. The engineers of Van Gelder Engineering, member of UNIS Group, have extensive experience with process automation systems such as Process Control Systems (PCS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS), SCADA, control technology and with programming languages like S7-AWL, S7-SCL, Java, C++ and CoDeSys.

With our software engineers

A competent team of software and mechanical engineers ensures that we can offer you a total solution. We deliver tailor-made solutions that meet all your needs and your specific situation. At the same time, we understand that you want to have these professionals within reach: that is why we also offer outsourcing of software engineers.

Why a custom solution in the field of process automation:

  • optimal use of (production) capacity
  • reduce the number of steps in your (production) process
  • reduce (operator) actions or transport movements
  • optimise reproducibility
  • result-oriented data processing
  • highly accurate analyses and high repeatability

Industrial automation applications

We have extensive experience with industrial automation and specifically in the automation of production processes, data acquisition, system integration, robotic systems and control of machines and devices. We specialise in automated systems that prepare and analyse samples, determine the composition of (liquid or solid) materials and perform quality checks:

We also use these systems in your industry: in any undertaking where the composition of a liquid or solid must be regularly determined, analysed or checked, and where automation of this process is possible. This includes soil or raw material analysis and the quality measurement of oil or (non-)ferrous metals.

We help you with:

  • Independent technical advice and concept development
  • Analysis and reporting of (production) processes
  • Project management
  • Process visualisation and data management
  • Asset management and registration systems
  • Optimisation of process and production control
  • Process automation
  • Inspection and control
  • System choice and integration
  • Outsourcing of software engineers

Increasing your quality and returns

Industrial (process) automation ensures you achieve more efficiency and effectiveness. This also allows a substantial saving of your (production) costs to be achieved. Improving your quality and returns strengthens your competitive position and allows you to continue to grow. We strive for the most cost-effective automation solution for every project.


Please contact us at int@unisgroup.com or +31 566 62 44 62 if you want to know more about our project experience in your specific sector. One of our specialists is happy to discuss the benefits, possibilities and applications with you. Would you prefer us to contact you? Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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