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Make sure your production processes proceed problem-free at all times and opt for our professional maintenance services, which include: cleaning, testing and preventive maintenance.


In industrial operating processes, electronics are exposed to dirt, moisture and other ‘dangers’ that can shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Dirt can also cause problems in the production process and can even affect the end product. Professional cleaning of sensitive components is therefore essential. We have specialised equipment to clean your electronics.

The process in short:

  • You send the industrial electronics to us.
  • We dismantle the equipment and isolate the components to be cleaned.
  • A ‘washing machine’, filled with cleaning fluid, uses ultrasonic vibrations to separate dirt from the component.
  • We then thoroughly rinse the component in a special bath of demineralised water.
  • The drying time depends on the size of the electronics.
  • The dismantled electronics are reassembled.
  • All cleaned electronics are carefully tested, if possible, to guarantee 100% operation.


We test all industrial electronics we repair and sell, as far as possible. UNIS Group has more than 300 test setups – including a unique test centre to test controls at full power – that are designed to perform a fully functional test on a large range of brands and types. If you want to be sure that your electronics are fully functional and prevent potential failures to become critical: opt for expert testing.

Preventive maintenance

Of course, you want your industrial electronics to function optimally at all times. You would also like to be sure that signs of aging (of time-sensitive components) will be detected and remedied in good time, before the electronics fail and cause production problems. You can have your industrial electronics checked, tested and, where necessary, repaired by UNIS Group. That way, you can schedule the maintenance yourself and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises due to faulty electronics.


Please contact us at int@unisgroup.com or +31 566 62 44 62 and we are happy to discuss the possibilities. Would you prefer us to contact you? Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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