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UNIS Group sticks to current pricing policy despite shortages and price increases. 

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Building automation

Building automation

Our Building automation service includes all electronic building automation controls. This includes Comfort and Fire and Security automation systems. Examples include Honeywell’s electronic controls of climate systems (HVAC), which are present in hospitals, hotels and airports around the world.

Preferred Supplier and Authorized Service Center

We have years of knowledge and experience in repairing, testing and maintaining these automation systems for your buildings. We are brand independent, but specialise in Honeywell HVAC products. We are not only a ‘Honeywell Preferred Supplier’, we are also an Authorized Honeywell Service Center.

Continuity through our total solution

We supply new and refurbished products, but our skilled engineers also offer a total solution: they analyse problems and develop (automation) solutions for this. We maintain systems and products that are no longer supported by the manufacturer, thus providing continuity of your current systems.

We can functionally test products and perform system tests with unique testing equipment in our test centre. Thus, we ensure your systems work reliably and smoothly (after repair). You will receive up to two-year warranty from us.


From repair and overhaul, to analysing your inventory and maintaining stock of essential parts of your systems in-house. You can contact us at int@unisgroup.com or +31 566 62 44 62 for a complete Building automation solution. Would you prefer us to contact you? Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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