Urgent repairs

Has your production process come to a halt due to defective electronics? Urgent repairs ensure that your production process is restarted as soon as possible.

Advantages of a urgent repair

  • UNIS Group starts repairing the defect electronics immediately upon arrival
  • Urgent repairs are also possible after office hours and in the weekend
  • Operating 24/7

Exchange possibilities

Before handling your urgent repair request, UNIS Group will check whether replacement electronics are in stock. If this is the case, you can also opt for an exchange. You will get a working module supplied directly from stock.

Response contract

UNIS Group offers a 24/7 service to minimize your production standstill. At an extra cost, urgent repairs are also possible after office hours and during the weekend. With a response contract, you can also reduce / minimize these extra costs.

Defective repair request

Do you have any defective electronics that need to be urgently repaired? Then contact us via telephone number +31 566 624462 and find out what the options are.