Risk analysis and Management of spare parts

In the event of a breakdown, it can take a long time before the cause is found, replacement electronics are on site and the plant becomes operational again. Our unique software application allows you to reduce the downtime of installed electronics and the associated costs. The online application analyses the risks of your installation by preparing an inventory of, among other things, the stock, availability and life expectancy of crucial parts, so as to optimise the availability of parts and to reduce the risks of your installations.

All the important electronic data of manufacturers worldwide are managed in the application’s database. The risk factors of your installed electronics are assessed by analysing what spare parts you have in stock and by checking the availability of the crucial parts on the market. On this basis, you will get a clear picture of all high-risk electronics in a single convenient overview. This allows you to efficiently supply your warehouse with spare parts, while at the same time reducing storage costs. Thanks to online access to the application, you can access this data everywhere and at any time.

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