Contract options

Our contract options enable us to offer you a customized service. Based on your needs, you and your contact person at UNIS Group decide which form of contract is best suited to your needs and requirements. We will send you a quote based on the list of parts requested by you.

The following options are available:

Response contract

Under this contract, we are available 24/7 in the event of defects. Your job is given priority over all other jobs. As soon as we receive your defective part, UNIS Group will start repairing within four hours. With a response contract you can reduce these extra costs.

Stock agreement (Critical stock)

UNIS Group can ensure you the availability of spare parts based on a provided list of your critical stock. The needed spare part can be delivered within 24 hours. For special rates, we can also ensure a faster delivery.

The parts are always available immediately to you for the duration of the agreement. This means that you can minimize the costs involved in an unscheduled production standstill resulting from defective industrial electronics. The cost of the agreement depends on the listed parts.

Your advantage

  • Exchanging the defective spare part within 24 hours.
  • Minimising your failure costs.
  • Postponement of your new investments.
  • Longer benefit of your current production line or machine.
  • Security of service.

You can minimise the costs of production standstill caused by defective industrial electronics.


Are you interested in one of these UNIS Group contract types? Feel free to contact us to discuss the options.