Cleaning electronics

In industrial operating processes, electronics are exposed to dirt, moisture and other ‘dangers’ that can shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Dirt can also cause problems in the production process and can even affect the end product.

Professional cleaning of sensitive components is therefore essential. UNIS Group owns specialised equipment to clean your electronics. If possible, the components will be tested after cleaning.

The process in short

You send the industrial electronics to us.

  1. We dismantle the equipment and isolate the components to be cleaned.
  2. The ‘washing machine’ filled with cleaning fluid uses ultrasonic vibrations to separate dirt from the component.
  3. Then we thoroughly rinse the component in a special bath of demineralised water.
  4. The drying time depends on the size of the electronics.
  5. The dismantled electronics are reassembled.
  6. All electronics cleaned by UNIS Group are carefully tested to guarantee 100% operation.
  7. The component is carefully packaged and returned to you.

 Cleaning industrial electronics

Have your electronics cleaned?

Do you have industrial electronics that are not working properly in the production process? Or do you want to extend the lifespan of your electronics? Have your electronics cleaned. Contact  us entirely free of obligation and ask about the options.