UNIS Group installs more than 500 solar panels on its roof

21 December 2018

Last week, UNIS Group started installing more than 500 solar panels on the roofs of the head office in Grou. The panels should produce a total of 130.000 kWh renewable energy per year, which is enough to provide 37 families with power for a whole year.

On completion, all the panels combined will supply at least 12% of UNIS Group’s total electricity use at the head office. Moreover, the panels reduce our CO2 emissions with 69.000 kg. This way UNIS Group invests in a more sustainable industry. At the central reception display the output of the solar panels will be visible for both employees and visitors.

The first 250 solar panels have been installed and if the weather permits they will install the rest. The panels require 800 m2, comparable to the total floor space of 5 detached family houses. The final phase consists of placing and connecting the invertors. In total, 5 invertors will be installed, including two powerful invertors of 50 kW. These power electronics are required to transform energy generated by the solar panels (DC voltage) to electricity that we use for our sockets (AC voltage).