Unique repair service for electronic power supplies

12 April 2017

From now on, UNIS Group offers you a unique electronic power supply repair service! UNIS Group has all the knowledge necessary to repair the electronic power supply. In order to test the repaired power supply we have recreated a complete UV drying system, including the required hardware, lamp cooling and Human Machine Interface (HMI) to reproduce the system’s functioning. Thanks to this unique test setup, we are able to thoroughly test the repaired electronic power supply and to guarantee the proper functioning.

Unique repair service for electronic power supplies

Ultraviolet (UV) drying systems are developed for the printing industry. The drying systems are designed to allow quick drying of liquids that are sensitive to UV light. An example of this is the ink used by printers for the printing of newspapers and magazines. In a printing press, multiple printing stations each apply a different colour of ink to the paper. Powerful UV lamps are used to dry the ink between two printing stations. These so called drying units allow the application of multiple layers of ink in rapid succession without soiling the printing press. The powerful UV lamps in the drying systems are controlled by an electronic power supply that was designed specifically for this purpose. Multiple electronic power supplies are usually used in a printing press, with the controller located on the master and multiple slaves are connected. We would like to offer you a sustainable way of prolonging the life of these systems.


  • You will cut down on costs
  • You extend the life of your UV system/s
  • You can postpone the purchase of new parts
  • Proper operation guaranteed by unique test setup
  • 1 year warranty included


If you want to know more about what we can do for you, please contact us and ask about the possibilities.