IoT Starter Kit

Immediate insight into essential data from your industrial electronics

Fluctuations in the 24 VDC supply voltage or malfunctions often result in downtime. You can keep a watchful eye on this through constant monitoring of your industrial electronics. UNIS Group offers you a turnkey solution in the form of a wireless IoT Starter Kit, giving you immediate insight into all your essential control data.

Would you also like to get acquainted with IoT the hassle-free way?

For example, would you like to remotely monitor the quality of the supply voltage or analogue and digital signals of industrial sensors? The IoT Starter Kit is ideal for wireless monitoring and visualisation of your systems, and allows you to monitor its condition (called condition monitoring). Thus, you take the first step in deploying IoT and Industry 4.0.

What is the IoT Starter Kit?

The IoT Starter Kit consists of a gateway and two wireless sensors (one analogue and one digital). Both sensors measure:

  • Analogue input values
  • Digital input values
  • Quality of the 24 VDC-supply voltage
  • Internal temperature in the IoT sensor
  • External temperature via the single wire thermometer
  • Triple-axle accelerometer values
  • Wireless transmission data

The analogue sensor also has a 0-20 mA analogue input for measuring temperature, vibration, pressure, current and revolutions, for instance. The digital sensor has a digital port that can be used to record the number of items produced, or the number of times a relay has opened and closed a contact.

When modules are equipped with a 24 VDV power supply, the UNIS Group IoT Starter Kit is perfectly suited for collecting and registering data from switchboards, moving systems, cranes, conveyor belts and various other applications. The sensors perform continuous measurements and transmit data with minimum, maximum and average values to the gateway every 5 seconds.

Powerful and wireless communication platform

The recorded signals are transmitted wirelessly through IQRF technology. IQRF is a powerful and wireless communication platform that uses the 868 MHz frequency (and not the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies). Ideal if you want to collect data in places where no communication network is installed, or where data transfer via WiFi is not possible or allowed.

User-friendly visualisation of data

The gateway has a web server that supports basic visualisation. Your data can easily be viewed on your laptop, tablet or smartphone immediately. The visualisation shows the historical input values (maximum, minimum and average), internal and external temperatures and the accelerometer values up to 2 hours ago. Thus, you can take immediate action if a failure or defect in your electronic equipment occurs.

Expansion and customer-specific solutions

It is possible to expand the IoT Starter Kit with additional IoT sensors. In addition, based on customer-specific requirements, we develop and implement more comprehensive, tailor-made IoT solutions for you.

Are you interested or would you like more information? Our IoT specialists are happy to discuss the options with you.