Frequency drives and soft starters repair

UNIS Group has repaired frequency drives and soft starters for several years. We have a lot of experience in repairing different brands, types and series, from the oldest to the latest models. UNIS Group has an extensive test center where if necessary, can test by high and continuous power up to 110 kW. You will receive up to two years warranty on the repair.

Frequency drives softstarter repair

Testing frequency converters and softstarters consist of:

  • Testing communication connections;
  • Testing operator panels, when installed;
  • Testing the control input digital and analogue;
  • Testing under nominal power using three test facilities, where we can test 18 frequency drives at the same time;
  • Testing under nominal power using one test facility, where we can test DC drives at the same time;
  • Simodrives 611 are tested in a three day endurance test by high and continuous power up to 110 kW. This is a complete function test. Test reports are available.